Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature


For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
Martin Luther


It’s not difficult to think that nature can inspire any artistic creation.

Beautiful in form and rich in content, it represents an unlimited universe of fauna, flora and landscape. From the most microscopic scale to the most universal context, it includes natural phenomena unable to tame, sources of life (and death) and essential resources. Colors, materials, textures. Shapes, sounds, movements. It generally excludes the human creation and the built environment, but nowadays, it may be difficult to know a corner of the planet that has not been affected by humankind in any way.

Even though it is something that exists long before and beyond us, its conservation is constantly being menaced by human growth and technological innovation, in an ironic struggle in which human beings seem to be able to destroy the very basis of their livelihood.

As usual, we don't want to restrict and we challenge jewelers to go further: why not explore the contrast between the natural and artificial world? Study the ramifications of Natural Sciences, ranging from Biology to Geology or Chemistry? Why not question the action of humankind and appeal to sustainability and ecological awareness? Reflect on the current situation and human vulnerability to natural causes greater than us?

A challenge that demands to a look inside, as well as to the world around us.



Ana Pina (Portugal) | representing Tincal lab

Graduated in architecture (FAUP, 2004), worked in this area for some years before discovering the world of jewelry. She’s been developing her personal brand since 2012, after a course at Engenho e Arte School. In 2015 she founded Tincal lab, a work, shop, exhibition and dynamization space dedicated to contemporary jewelry, in the center of Porto.

Marta Costa Reis (Portugal) | representing Jewelry

Started studying jewelry in 2004, while pursuing other professional activities. Dedicates herself fully to this work since 2014, after taking the Jewelry Course and the Advanced Course in Visual Arts at Ar.Co. Teaches Jewelry History at Ar.Co, writes about jewelry, curates exhibitions and exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad. Board Member of Art Jewelry Forum since 2020.

Jacinto Rodrigues (Portugal) | representing Nature

Born in 1939, full professor of transdisciplinary vocation, holds a Degree in Philosophy and a PhD in Art History. Has developed a vast teaching career in the areas of History of Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Ecology, took part in numerous national and international conferences, was an exhibition commissioner and published several books, of which we highlight “The Solar Conspiracy of Father Himalaya”, biographical sketch of a pioneer of ecology.


79 jewelers from 29 countries were selected.
On exhibition at Tincal lab from 6th of November to 31st of December of 2021.


Selection of the Jury: Juergen Veit (DE) 

Selection of the Public (voting in person and online): Maria Benedita (PT) + Possante Jewelry (PT).




Selected participants | Photos of the pieces | Opening | Catalog


Acamhi (CL) | Aino-Astrid Gaedtke (DE) | Alberto Dávila (MX) | Amàlgama (IT) | Ana Azevedo (PT) | Ana Calbucci (BR) | Andrea Alonso (PE) | Andrea Serini (AR) | Ángela Malhües (CL) | Bárbara Laso (ES) | Be Bárbara García (ES) | Bego Fuente | (ES) | Begoña Morales Lao (ES) | CamposTaylor (MX) | Carlo Lucidi (IT) | Carmen López (ES) | Catarina Nordeste (PT) | Chantel Gushue (CA) | Clarisa Menteguiaga (AR) | Clélia (PT) | Cleopatra Cosulet (RO) | Cova Rios (ES) | Cristina Celis (MX) | Cristina R Nuño (ES) | Daniela Schwarz (AT) | Danni Xu (CN) | Daria Edström (RU) | Elise Hoebeke (BE) | Elizabeth Shaw (AU) | Fernanda Barba (MX) | Fruzsi Fekete (HU) | Gabriela Marcos (AR) | Gizella Biró (HU) | Ho Oi Ying Valerie (HK) | Inês Sobreira (PT) | Iona Nieva (AR) | Jan Smith (CA) | Jean Lin (TW) | Juanjo García Martin (ES) | Juergen Veit (DE) | Kendall Reiss (US) | kiseno (CO) | Laila Marie Costa (AU) | Laura Forte (IT) | Letizia Maggio (IT) | Leyt Motiv (AR) | Lunante (IT) | Manuela Igreja  (PT) | Margarita Malliri (GR) | Maria Benedita (PT) | Maria Eugenia Ramos (AR) | Merıstėma Lab (IT) | Miriam Arentz (DE) | Miruna Belicovici (RO) | Nanna Doll (DE) | Nik Hanton (NZ) | notAjewelry (HR) | OK enamel (UA) | Padedo (UA) | Possante (PT) | Rachael Colley (UK) | Rho Tang (CN) | Rikke Lunnemann (DK) | Rita Besnyői (HU) | Rita Martínez (CR) | Rocio Britos (AR) | Sabrina Formica (IT) | Salvador Vico (ES) | Sara Mas (ES) | Silvina Romero (AR) | Sita Falkena (NL) | Stefan Gougherty (US) | Suyu Chen (CN) | Telma Oli (PT) | Teresa Dantas (PT) | Valeria Rossini (IT) | Virginie Turcot-Lamarre (CA) | Yone Aizcorbe Marcos (ES) | Yukiko Kakimoto (JP)