Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature


Two worlds

Look, these are two worlds:

It’s not possible to throw water

to mathematics. 

Gonçalo M. Tavares, “1”, Relógio D’Água, p 73 

(free translation)


How can two worlds so seemingly different meet? Literature is born from the field of ideas, jewelry materializes in a close relationship with the human body. Both require technique, both are art and produce emotions in those who create and admire them. Their expressions, however, couldn’t be more distinct and diverse.

With literature we can refer to texts in prose or verse, to novels, short stories, novellas and plays, fiction and nonfiction, epics, odes and sonnets. We rhyme or we don't rhyme, while we multiply stanzas, verses and figures of speech. We invent plots and characters, describe reality and build imaginary worlds. We convey messages, we make people think - while we think ourselves.

We write by hand, on the typewriter, on the computer. With paper and pencil, permanent ink or accompanied by the rhythm of a keyboard. We write with gestures, with letters, words and sentences - with different alphabets. We scratch and tear, revise and rewrite, keep in a drawer, erase - or publish. We dictate, make declarations of love - and of hate.

But we also read: books, manuscripts, on a digital screen. We learn, interpret, underline, quote, declaim.

For this year's Challenge, we invite you to be inspired by the vast and rich world of literature: a favorite author, a remarkable book, an unforgettable character, a support or writing instrument that you consider indispensable.

Jewelry and Literature. How do these two worlds meet?

From the simple letter to the masterpiece, the freedom to answer this question is in the hands of the artists. Happy readings!



Ana Pina (Portugal) | representing Tincal lab

Graduated in architecture (FAUP, 2004), worked in this area for some years before discovering the world of jewelry. She’s been developing her personal brand since 2012, after a course at Engenho e Arte School. In 2015 she founded Tincal lab, a work, shop, exhibition and dynamization space dedicated to contemporary jewelry, in the center of Porto.

Liliana Guerreiro (Portugal) | representing Jewelry

Liliana Guerreiro is a jewelry designer based in Porto, Portugal. Recovering and reinterpreting traditional techniques, in particular the Portuguese filigree, she develops collections of refined and delicate lines, in partnership with experienced goldsmiths. A journey of more than 20 years, distinguished by several international awards.

Gonçalo M. Tavares (Angola/Portugal) | representing Literature

Gonçalo M. Tavares is a writer and university professor. He is the author of a vast work that is being translated in more than 60 countries. His books have received several awards in Portugal and abroad. His language in rupture with the Portuguese lyrical traditions and the subversion of literary genres, make him one of the most innovative European writers of our time.


79 jewelers from 29 countries were selected.
On exhibition at Tincal lab from 12th of November to 31st of December of 2022.


Selection of the Jury: Lara Solia Barenboim (AR) 

Selection of the Public (voting in person and online): Carmen López (ES) + Kamile Staneliene (LT).




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