Challenge 2024 Jewelry and Freedom


Esta é a madrugada que eu esperava

O dia inicial inteiro e limpo

Onde emergimos da noite e do silêncio

E livres habitamos a substância do tempo

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen


This is the dawn I've been waiting for

The entire and clean starting day

Where we emerge from the night and the silence

And free we dwell in the substance of time

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (free translation)


This is a special year for Portugal. On April 25th of 2024, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the end of a dictatorship that had lasted for more than 4 decades. Imagine waking up one day and the world has changed. But freedom is a volatile and fragile concept, 50 years later we cannot take it for granted.

The red carnation is the symbol of our April Revolution, for us a symbol of freedom.
But what does it mean to be free? What does freedom mean to you? How would you represent it?

The concept of freedom is diverse and complex. Political freedom (or the lack of it) can be associated with physical imprisonment, war, the tyranny of power. But we can also talk about freedom of expression, free will, freedom that promotes equality - after all, where does ours begin and the other's end?
After fundamental rights are guaranteed, the concept of freedom takes on more personal contours - freedom to act, think, decide, love... basically, to live our lives according to our own criteria, our beliefs. More than ever we discuss about equality of gender and gender identity, the freedom to choose, to be ourselves, without suffering any type of discrimination for it. The future or a utopia?

For some, freedom can be the absence of ties and possessions. Will we really be free if we are financially dependent on a job formatted by society, emotionally linked to someone or simply caught up by our own expectations? On the other hand, can we fully enjoy our freedom, absolutely alone and isolated from the world?

For an individual to be free, they need to be independent and autonomous, but also informed. Nowadays, freedom of access to information is illusory and often a form of control. How can we distinguish the real from the manipulated?

We leave all these reflections for those who accept the Challenge! You are free to transform them into jewels.



With the main objective to show the quality and diversity of contemporary jewelry, opening its doors to the general public, Tincal lab invites every year jewelers from around the world for a Challenge: the creation of up to 3 pieces with a maximum price each, inspired by a theme.

From this Open Call launched in June results an international event of exhibition and sale of unique characteristics. The opening is at Tincal lab in November, on the date of Simultaneous Openings event in Miguel Bombarda quarter, in Porto, accompanied by the release of a catalog.

In each edition, since 2018, has been awarded the Selection of the Jury Award and two Selection of the Public Awards (voting in person and online), consisting of an exhibition at Tincal lab over the following year.

In the latest edition, in 2023, we gathered almost 200 exclusive jewelry pieces created by the 78 jewelers from 31 different countries selected by the jury from almost 300 applications.


In 2024, the tenth edition of Tincal lab Challenge launches the theme: Jewelry and Freedom.

The maximum price of each piece will be of 150€.

The opening will be at Tincal lab on November 16th of 2024.



Application: until June 30th 2024

Selection: until July 21st 2024

Formalization of registration: until July 31st 2024

Reception of pieces: until September 30th 2024

Exhibition: from November 16th to December 31st 2024

Possibility of itinerancy during 2025 (optional)

Period of sale in shop and online: until June 30th 2025 (adaptable, in case of itinerancy)

Return of pieces to the artists: from July 1st 2025 (for the artists that don’t take part in the itinerancy)



Presenting a price cap we intend to demystify the concept of art jewelry near the general public, to remove it from the context of the inaccessible art gallery and start a discussion towards understanding its value.

We want the price cap to be a differentiating element, but also a statement. Something that will catch the attention of the visitor.

We also aspire to allow everybody to buy a unique piece of jewelry for a relatively accessible price. This way people can get out of their comfort zones without feeling restricted by their budgets.

For the artists, this can also be an opportunity to think outside the box - to create something different, with different means or -why not - to exceptionally allow someone to have one of their pieces for an incredibly low price.

Working on a budget, without compromising quality, identity and creativity - that is the Challenge too.



Selection will be made by the jury based on the artist's background and portfolio and will be reduced to a maximum of 80 participants.

The works submitted for consideration during the application need not be related to the theme.

The pieces to integrate the final exhibition should be created only after the candidates know they have been selected.

Application is free. All candidates will be contacted and the selected candidates will have until July 31st to formalize the registration through the payment of the participation fee (50€), that includes a catalog of the exhibition.

Sending the application form implies the acceptance of the terms of participation (described in the bottom, please read carefully).


Application form HERE.


In addition to completing the online form, you must gather the following information, in a pdf:

- small bio / statement about the artist (maximum 100 words, in english)

- CV

- photographs of 5 to 10 jewelry pieces that you consider representative of your work (captions including year of execution, title, typology, materials)


Please use WeTransfer to send this information together: include the WeTransfer link in the form or send directly to the email - if you have any doubt please contact us.

Failure to complete the form or to send the required information will be grounds for exclusion from the application.



Ana Pina (Portugal) | jeweler, founder/curator of Tincal lab

Graduates in architecture (FAUP, 2004) and works in this area for some years before discovering the world of jewelry. Jeweler and gallerist, she now divides her work between her personal brand, launched in 2012, and Tincal lab, that is since 2015 an active contemporary jewelry workshop and exhibition space in the center of Porto.

In her work Ana Pina creates unique pieces or limited collections of jewels with a strong abstract and geometric inspiration.


Judy McCaig (Scotland / Spain) | winner of Tincal lab Challenge 2023 Selection of the Jury Award

Judy McCaig is a Scottish jeweller, printmaker and painter. She studied at DJCAD in Dundee, Scotland, before realising her three-year Master's degree at The Royal College of Art in London. Practising printmaking for several years after leaving college, then established her workshop in London in 1987. Since 1991 she has lived and worked in Barcelona, teaching at the Massana School and Taller Perill.

Her work often features abstract landscapes which draw on observations from her extensive travels and studies of ancient and modern cultures.


Cristina Filipe (Portugal) | jeweler, lecturer, curator and author in the field of contemporary jewelry

Cristina Filipe (Lisbon, 1965) holds a PhD in Heritage Studies from the Catholic University of Porto and is a researcher at UCP/EA/CITAR. Master in Arts and Design by the Surrey Institute of Art & Design. She studied jewellery at Ar.Co, Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Royal College of Arts. She was a lecturer on the jewellery course at Ar.Co (1989-2015) and at ESAD, Matosinhos (2001-2007). She’s since 1998 a guest lecturer at multiple international schools.

Author, editor and scientific coordinator (Contemporary Jewellery in Portugal. From the 1960s Avant-Garde to the Early 21th Century, Cold Sweat, Colection J), she has exhibited since 1984 and is, since 2005, programmer and curator. She founded and was president of PIN (2004-2023) and created the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial (2021).



Selected artists are free to create up to 3 different jewelry pieces that fit the theme Jewelry and Freedom, that will be exhibited and available for sale during the event.

The pieces should be created in exclusive for the event.

The artist shouldn’t make them public before the opening date and will not sell them in parallel during the period of exclusive use by the organization. The possibility and conditions of posterior reproduction and sale remain at the artist's discretion.

On the other hand, it’s encouraged the promotion of the event (with due reference), even during the creation period, including sharing of images related to the work process and sources of inspiration, for example. In this case we ask the artists to tag Tincal lab (@tincallab) in the publications and use the hashtags #tincallab and #tincallabchallenge2024.



Application is free - in case the artist is selected, the formalization of the registration implies the acceptance of the terms of participation and the payment of a participation fee of 50€, that includes a catalog of the exhibition (delivered in person or sent by the time of the return of the pieces).

All payments should be made by bank transfer (for payments in euros) or Paypal. The selected candidates will receive further information.



The pieces must be delivered in time to the organization (in person or sent by post). If they arrive after September 30th it is not possible to guarantee that the artist will be included in the catalog.

Until this date, after the execution of the pieces and for the purposes of the catalog and online shop, it will be requested detailed information about the pieces:

- inspirational text / statement (written in english, in the third people or in abstract sense, maximum 100 words), title, typology, materials and dimensions (in mm)

- final price

- high resolution quality photos (white background, 300dpi, minimum size 3000x3000px).

The organization reserves the right to photograph the pieces if it deems it more appropriate. According to the requirements of the catalog and depending on the characteristics of the pieces, it’s possible that only one is selected by the organization for publication.


Shipping costs will be at the artists expense.

Please be advised that shipments made to Portugal from countries outside the European Union will be subject to customs verification - Tincal lab will take care of the clearance process, but can not be responsible for the delay and payment of fees that will result from it.


Artists should contact the organization before shipping the pieces, for more information. After shipping they should communicate the tracking code, to ease the reception of the packages and to speed up the customs clearance process, if applicable.


Tincal lab shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred during transportation, assuming responsibility for the pieces during the period of time they are in the gallery.



Exhibition takes place at Tincal lab from November 16th to December 31st of 2024. After this date, the pieces remain available for sale at Tincal lab for the minimum period of 6 months, after which they will be returned or will take part in the traveling exhibition format during 2025.

They will also be sold, all or in part, in the online shop ( during the same period.

The photographs used in the online shop will be the same taken for the catalog - to ensure that all the pieces will later be included in the online shop, it’s advisable to send quality photographs by email (preferably WeTransfer) for this purpose.



Pieces will be sent on a consignment basis and the maximum retail price is of 150€. The commission of Tincal lab is of 50% (example: in a piece with final price of 150€ the artist price is 75€).



Since 2023, the Tincal lab Challenge has become an internationally recognized traveling exhibition, with partners such as the Lerverk space (Gothenburg, Sweden), the Romanian Jewellery Week (Bucharest, Romania), the Galleria Carlo Lucidi (Rome, Italy), the gallery/school Lalabeyou (Madrid, Spain) or the Uni.versus gallery (Athens, Greece).

All artists participating in this edition will be invited to join the new itinerant project, taking place during 2025. Participation is encouraged, but optional, and will be subject to payment of a participation fee of €50, valid for the entire year. The traveling exhibition is expected to travel to 3 different spaces in Europe. More information will be sent in January 2025.


We aim, above all, that the concept of Tincal lab Challenge will serve to inspire jewelers to create and to take the world of contemporary jewelry to a more comprehensive and relevant audience.

Good work to everyone!