Cristina Celis


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Cristina Celis Mexico

Madness III pendant

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials tinted high fire porcelain, nichrome wire, pearls, ball chain

Size 55x42x25mm (pendant) 


Cristina Celis’s pieces found inspiration within the pages of “The Danger of Being Sane” by Rosa Montero.

This book is an interesting study on the links between creativity and mental illness, also about how our brain works during the creative process.

Here, the author describes the notion of the “perfect storm”, correlating a series of unrepeatable chemical reactions with converging situational factors, key for creation to occur.

It is in this fragment from the book: “Transmuting the grayish plain of existence into a disordered row of pearls of light…”, where Celis finds her starting point.