Tea Jewelry III
Tea Jewelry III
Tea Jewelry III

Challenge 2023 | Marta Armada

Tea Jewelry III

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Marta Armada Spain

Tea Jewelry III ring

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials porcelain, celadon glaze

Size 52x40x70mm


To venture into new territories, to listen to the sounds of another language, to look at calligraphies like deaf maps, to perceive smells, indecipherable messages, other ways of living. The everyday and the strangeness of existence.

“Jewelry and Travel” go together in Marta’s work, they are part of her life, of her way of understanding the world. These pieces were inspired and created as a result of her last stay in China, in Jingdezhen, the capital of Chinese porcelain. Four years have passed since this trip, but that intense blue pigment that dyed everything in Jingdezhen remains imprinted in her memory, like a lighthouse. Perhaps the Yellow Sea merges with the Atlantic coast where she was born and reminds her of the delicate and deep celadon glaze, like the sea. Ceramics is a navigational chart.